Carly Overton

Carly grew up just outside of Seattle and loves everything about her hometown including the natural beauty, the people, and the personality of the vibrant city. A creative child, Carly began her Architecture and Interior Design career playing the SIMs, mostly to design the houses and neighborhoods. That’s how she realized she wanted to design spaces that impacted people’s lives. She selected the University of Idaho to study Interior Design and Architecture, earning a Bachelor of Interior Design with a minor in Architecture, then a Master of Architecture. Along the way, to satisfy her desire to travel, she studied abroad in London, focusing on Green Architecture then traveled to Scotland and Wales, and then on to Munich, Rome, Barcelona, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Carly believes that Architecture and Interior design are equally important, and function best when they are fully integrated from the onset of a project. She enjoys playing a part in how built environment effects its inhabitants in their everyday life—down to mood, productivity, happiness and success. She advocates for sustainable design principles as well as urban planning and design—both key components of amazing design. In her spare time, you can find Carly out on the town, enjoying drinks with friends, watching “The Bachelor,” and at the park playing ball or rollerblading with her dog, Bentley.