Gillian Simmons

Gillian Simmons was born in Maryland and raised in Northern Utah. She started her design degree at Weber State University. She took the opportunity to go to BYU-Idaho for a few semesters in their Interior Design program and then returned to Weber State to finish her degree and marry her amazing husband Bradlee.

While at BYU-Idaho Gillian came to love the art of design. She discovered her love of sketching perspectives and her passion of creating 3D renderings. After recently finishing her degree, she feels she has hit the ground running in the career field and has loved every minute of it! She loves the excitement, constant activity, and growth in the design realm and truly thrives off of that energy!

When Gillian isn’t working she is with family, her husband and their little Labrador pup, Jack. They love to spend time outside going on hikes or walks to the park, traveling throughout Utah, the country or even out of the country. They love watching movies with one another, and cooking delicious meals together.