Kat Ernst

A deep South native, Kat was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, but has branched out to Salt Lake City. She graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University, along the way working as a Research Assistant with Boston University in Turkey on an archaeological dig house. Kat comes to architecture via construction—her dad was a general contractor, and she grew up on the jobsite, watching buildings emerge from a set of drawings into a physical structure. She has experienced the opposite too, seeing the destruction that is a part of living in an area frequently hit by hurricanes. Architecture allows her to understand both extremes and how they influence each other. Kat sees beauty in the efforts involved in the design process unlike any other profession—architects are present at the beginning of design, listening, and establishing relationships with clients and consultants; and again, at the end to observe the details of construction. She hopes always to be surrounded by sensible designers who are full of life and enthusiastic about their impact on the world we share. When Kat’s not working, she enjoys camping, cooking, eating soul food, traveling, photography, attending lectures and visiting museums with her fiancé.