Wasatch Advisors Corporate Headquarters

The client had visions of the perfect office space and a design committee made up of individuals with very different ideas of what was modern and elegant. This project represents the culmination of the vision of a design team and the design committee. It had to represent the character of the organization, pay homage to where they have been and a peak at where they are headed. The design maximizes the use of space, providing a clean interior plan that flows. Transparency was achieved by using glass partitions throughout, ensuring maximum daylight and views for all. Touch down areas and variously sized meeting spaces are scattered throughout the plan, providing opportunity for formal and informal collaboration, quiet, and impromptu standup meetings. The break room and patio area with a full catering island offers an area for the organization to commune around food and drink, allowing for the much needed mental break this type of career demands. The scheme incorporates new digital technology throughout and celebrates the notion that “this office” is the place where financial investment gurus want to reside.

Project objectives & goals :

• Take lessons learned from working with a client of 9 years and design the office space of their dreams.

• Improve space utilization through rightsizing, allowing the new real estate to work harder.

• Create a space that would increase employee satisfaction and become a powerful recruiting tool.

• Deliver an enhanced interior that would relay the organizations established brand & dynamic culture

• Design an inherently transparent space to reinforce the groups philosophy and approach to the way they handle their investors’ money

• Keep the design minimal and clean through simple lines and the integrity of materials

IIDA BEST Award for the WORK category, 2014

Wasatch Advisors Corporate Headquarters
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