Basil Harb, Principal

Music, art, science, design, architecture, woodworking, metal working are some of Basil’s influences as a designer, skills, and sources for inspiration. He loves the interdisciplinary nature of architecture for the opportunities that are created to draw from all of these.  Basil expresses that “one of the best parts of my role is when there are opportunities to collaborate with good people. The architectural design process is challenging and can be overwhelming at first. If you trust and manage the design process, ask thoughtful and meaningful questions, then try to generate creative and accurate solutions, the result (and the journey) will be valuable to everyone involved.”

Basil was raised in Seattle, and found his new home in Salt Lake City in August 2004. He completed his degree in architecture at the University of Arizona, where sustainability in architecture is a core mindset. His experience in the southwest lends itself to dealing with design issues in our own high-desert environment.

Above all, his passion for architecture is fueled by building good relationships with people who enjoy healthy collaboration and like to laugh. Even though Basil has been directly involved with many of Method Studio’s award winning projects, he would measure the success of the project by the quality of the journey that lead to this accomplishment.