Rebekah Barton

Once called a poet-accountant by a co-worker, Rebekah is a rare mix of the analytical and the creative.  She has worked in the administrative and management side of the A/E industry for over 25 years, during which time she has developed a sincere appreciation for architecture and design.  She takes pride in being able to juggle a variety of tasks, not the least of which is to track and improve a company’s financial health and its internal operations.

Always curious and excited to learn, Rebekah shares her love of learning by training others in business management and accounting as well as occasionally teaching American history in an adjunct capacity.  Music, nature and family inform much of how Rebekah views the world.   She plays the piano poorly but enthusiastically, and sings whenever given the opportunity.  During the more temperate months, hiking and exploring for hours on foot is her primary form of therapy.  And she writes.  When not working, writing, traveling or serving in her church, Rebekah loves to spend time with her friends and family, particularly her nieces and nephews.    Goals in life include publishing one of the novels she has been working on, learning to sing in front of people more successfully, and most of all to continue to surround herself with good people, both personally and professionally.   Working with good people, which is in part what makes Method such a strong and vibrant firm, is important to Rebekah.  “I see good things in Method’s future.”  And we all agree.