Research Informs and Shapes Student Housing

Download: Research Informs and Shapes Student Housing

Madlab – Method Architecture + Design Laboratory

Research-based design innovation for living spaces that position students for academic success. Method’s internal research arm is studying the correlation of wonderful living spaces to enhanced academic performance.  Turns out students’ living spaces can be much more than a place to crash. Positive emotional well-being is tied to thoughts of home. Happier, more secure students perform better academically. Our designs foster social interactions, and provide beautiful surroundings, light and healthy air. We help educational institutions to support student success with our thoughtful student living designs.

About Method Studio

Method Studio is a full-service architectural and design firm. We thrive on collaboration and creative design solutions that express our clients’ vision and solve their objectives.  We bring breadth of experience in student housing throughout the region and value working with clients who share our vision that good design creates meaningful places with lasting impact.  Method’s principals manage our projects—we do this by limiting the number of projects we accept at any given time, so that we can provide the highest level of service and quality.  Our 97% repeat client base is based on outstanding relationships and a reputation for meeting tight schedules without compromising quality and innovation.

The depth of our multi-family portfolio has taught us the best way to maximize space, value, economies of scale, energy efficiency, and beauty.  Our approach to designing great student living is informed by demographics, demand, economics, efficiencies, and functionality, all integrated into inspiring designs. When students’ living spaces are expertly created, everyone benefits.


What works—Variables such as amenities, unit types, number of floors, site size, and other specific metrics need to be dialed in campus by campus. We quantify all of the spaces for the project, not just the units themselves; but also parking, lobby areas, commons, mechanical and utility rooms, site circulation spaces, and landscaped green spaces.

Planning, Design, and Approvals—student housing administrators need reliable conceptual plans that can be further refined to meet their specific objectives This works best when there is confidence in the assumptions. Our experience and database of student housing projects throughout the region provides tested data for more accurate decision making.

Appropriate Amenities—for the campus and student demographic, that meet the budget and achieve campus- and residence life-specific goals.

We’re mindful of costs—We understand the cost of construction for student housing facilities and the factors that change these costs whether it is construction type, articulation in facade, location, etc.  Our database of projects throughout the country helps us understand cost implications early in the process.

Securing Campus Community Support—We smooth the campus governance and administrative approval process, and bolster fund raising efforts, with fact-based, persuasive and accurate cost projections, and photo-realistic conceptual design renderings.

Let’s talk—each project is unique and your goals, limitations, and preferences need to factored into the design. We will listen.



In Method’s ten years, our designs have garnered recognition for excellence. Recent awards include:

Dixie State University Campus View Suites | Most Outstanding Multi-Family Project, Utah Construction & Design, 2016

USU Eastern San Juan Campus Residence Hall | IIDA Best Award, Multi-Family Category, 2014, Outstanding Project of 2014, Higher Education Small Award, Utah Construction & dDesign

Snow College Student Housing | 2011 Dream Home Awards, Best Conceptual Multi-Family Student Housing Design Gold Award

Bud Bailey Apartments | Urban Project of the Year Award, Utah Housing Coalition , 2013

Columbus Hub| Honor Award 2016, Urban Design Utah

Ninth East Lofts | Urban Design Utah Merit Award, Congress for the New Urbanism, 2017