STEM Experts

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Evolving design innovation for the new pedagogical paradigm: Known for an outstanding portfolio of very recent successful higher education projects throughout the region, Method Studio synthesizes practical building elements with high design to create learning spaces as marvelous as they are functional, flexible, and future-ready.  We love to surpass our last best project with our next even better design. It’s part of the process.

Mindfulness of the order of operations for success: Higher education projects require a keen eye on the academic calendar to ensure the safety, feasibility, and success of the project. Our deep experience leading successful higher ed projects with the minimal disruption to students, faculty, and campus facilities will inform thoughtful design and project management decisions.

Deep connection to Utah students’ aspirations: We’ve built our reputation by designing for Utah’s students based on personal understanding of their challenges and strengths.  This includes a lively awareness that learning is active; that students bring a base of information to their educational experience. Our designs must connect them: to their instructors, to the natural world, to each other, and to the tools they need to grow their understanding.  We do this visually, technologically, aesthetically, and practically.

architecture is science | “The very nature of science is discoveries, and the best of those discoveries are the ones you don’t expect.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson


stem & research-oriented design

  » curiosity driven

» close eye on bottom and top line

» open studio model where the best idea bubbles to the top

» nimble to accommodate new re-quirements

» effciency & sustainability

» changing technology & robotics which impacts space

» technology, collaboration & data storage


Experienced Team

»  A group of 75 devoted, hard working people

»  97% repeat client base

»  DFCM past performance score: 4.69

»  Higher education, classroom + lab  experts

»  Collaborative, laser focused listeners

»  2018 Best of State, Commercial Architecture Firm

»  2017 WIA Firm of the Year; 2017 IIDA Firm of the Year



  • authentic
  • honest
  • creative
  • dependable
  • professional
  • passionate



» Innovative programmers & designers for better buildings!

» A different Method: LISTEN frst + collaborate

» We are proactive leaders and problem solvers

» We have proven processes for managing complex remodels

» We bring a breadth of lab and classroom expertise as a firm and a team!

» Long and successful history working in Utah

» We bring the highest level of creativity, energy and commitment to this effort

» We want to work with you on this important project!