Angela Flicker

Angela grew up in a family of contractors, engineers, and farmers, in Edwardsville, IL. Growing up, she was surrounded by creative women, including a mother who was a contractor, designer, and masterful seamstress. Angela, like many young women, fought the idea that she was anything like her mother. She pursued a more logical path built on her strength in mathematics. While in college, she was “accidentally” exposed to art. “Art taught me what it meant to get lost in one’s work” she comments. Professors encouraged her to pursue a career in that direction, but because she was so close to graduation, she could not will herself to start over when her original goal was so near.

After graduating with a mathematics teaching degree, from Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska, Angela found herself daydreaming about a different career—one where her love for art and knowledge of math could be integrated. She began to see in herself her mother’s creativity, her love for design, and her attention to detail.

Along with that, Angela fell in love and married an artist who lived in the west. The two of them were constantly doing art projects together. Over time, Angela finally saw a possibility to mesh her artistic qualities with her love of math, through architecture. She was accepted by the University of Utah, and enrolled in their Masters of Architecture program. During this stage, Angela ultimately found Method Studio, and has begun her professional practice in architecture.

Angela is motivated by the city and watching how people interact with the built world. She truly enjoys sports, gardening, fiber arts, cooking, and surrounding herself with friends and family. Angela has two children, a girl and a boy. Together, her family of four are a very creative and active family. They each call themselves artists and are constantly creating at home. They also love biking, sports, and being outside playing in the dirt while gardening or camping.