Anya Barmina

Anya was born in Moscow, Russia. She later immigrated to the United states and in 2012 and 2014 Anya received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture from the University of Utah and is currently on a path to professional licensure. Hired in 2014, Anya uses her visual communication skills to develop artistic renditions of architecture for clients.

In 2013, she participated in Design Build Bluff where she gained a team experience designing and building a home on the Navajo Reservation. Anya craves the creation of beauty and has the awards to prove it from the multiple fine-art competitions she has competed in and won.

Anya is passionate about the physiological effect of the building environment on the individual, and like most passionate architects, she strives to understand the relationship between the mental and physical space. Anya is very interested in modern design, integration of technologies with building and individual, passive strategies, and pursuing beautiful and functional design in all its forms.

With the personal goal to seek knowledge Anya acquired skills form the many different 3D modeling and Adobe Creative Suite programs to multiple languages and artistic expression. Her enthusiasm and passion for architecture truly make Anya a key player on the Method Studio team.