Blake Larson

Blake was born and raised in San Diego, California. He received his Associate’s degree in Architectural Technology at Brigham Young University Idaho campus. Blake now lives in Utah and will be attending the University of Utah next year to receive his Bachelor’s and later his Master’s degree in Architecture. When he first started his collegiate studies, Blake had no idea what he should study. Architecture was suggested to him by his family as it was something his father studied years before. Blake was hooked after his first class in Architecture.

As a child, Blake and his brother would draw dream home plans and spent a lot of time fiddling with Legos which created a desire within Blake to learn how things fit together. Today he is often found taking things apart and figuring out how to make them work better. Blake is a young professional here at Method Studio and has many years of study ahead of him and he is excited for his future because he continues to learn and his love for architecture continues to grow.

Blake is an avid Lacrosse player and has played since the 8th grade, he is now a coach for a local middle school lacrosse team. He loves watching sports, playing volleyball and watching movies. He is a diehard BYU fan… we’ll see what happens when he goes to the University of Utah. Blake and his wife are happy to be here in Utah close to great family.