Brighton Lemmon, LEED Green Assoc., Assoc. IIDA

If there is one thing that has driven Brighton to become what she is today, it is her passion for life.  She learned very early to be passionate about the things she involved herself in.  This started with a passion to tell stories, making big adventures out of ordinary activities.  Never shying from the spotlight, she loved engaging all around her in the world she lived in.  Convinced to create experiences worthy of her stories, she acquired the passion to travel when she studied architecture and design for a summer in England and France.  Two years later, she was offered  an internship with Greg Natale, one of Australia’s leading Interior Designers. This exposed her to the real world of innovation and design.  Her passion for traveling became an opportunity to reinforce her passion for all things design.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Utah State University.  Upon graduating she worked at a flooring showroom, working daily with clients and managing projects which provided an easy transition once she began her life in the world of architectural design.  After working for another large commercial firm in Salt Lake City, Brighton came to Method with relevant experience, but was rejuvenated by the creative talent and out-of-the-box thinking at Method Studios. Aside from design she reserves much of her passion for music.  Raised in a very musical family her appreciation for that realm of creativity helps support innovation in her career.

Brighton brings enthusiasm to each project she tackles.  She has worked on a number of projects in corporate, higher education, government, retail, & mixed-use.  She has a passion for traveling and music and both become sources of inspiration in her designs.  She focuses on incorporating seamless design concepts throughout a project, whether through branding the space, signage, architectural elements, or the furniture that activates each room. She feels that each project she takes on is important and unique, and thus requires very detailed attention.

“Creative people are creative … not as a result of any particular inborn trait, but, rather, through an attitude toward life.  They habitually respond to problems in fresh and novel ways, rather than allowing themselves to respond mindlessly and automatically.” -Psychologist Robert Sternberg