Gerald Maurer

Gerald was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. Creativity was always a big part to Gerald’s life growing up and he loved to figure out what makes people and things tick. Since he was a child, Gerald has always loved to take things apart to try to see what they look like on the inside. He was fascinated with the mechanics and tried to see how and why things worked the way they do.

Applying this childhood fascination to his older self, Gerald found he could use his creativity and technical skills in the field of architecture where he can be a part of creating the built environment. He loves how architecture makes him see the world around him. However, he particularly enjoys being part of the process of solving problems to turn his own work into reality.

Gerald graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Utah where he also received his undergraduate degree. Currently, Gerald is preparing for his licensure in Architecture.

Gerald is a big fan of sports and enjoys watching his teams succeed. He enjoys watching and playing softball, golf, tennis, and bowling.