Jacob Gines

Jake is a thought leader who splits his time between Utah—where he is Vice President of Research and Design at Method Studio—and Mississippi where he is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Mississippi State University. Jake enjoys teaching young architecture students, serving as a catalyst to ignite their creativity. He leads the firm’s MAD Lab (Method Architecture and Design Laboratory) that includes research activities aimed at constructing designed solutions utilizing innovative methods and practices.

An award-winning designer of several institutional, higher-ed, multi-family, and single-family housing projects, Jake has been engaged in architectural practice since 2001. He received his Master of Architecture from the University of Utah in 2007. His work is informed by his world travels to Spain, England, Japan and India. Jake feels that the design process of any architectural endeavor of merit is one of inventiveness, intentionality and incredible intensity. As the great Balkrishna Doshi once said, “I am not an architect. For me it is a search, a search for the known which is not known”. This “searching” leads Jake to challenge convention and the pressures of the populous to bring to life architecture that goes beyond mere building to aspire to something of greater value, meaning and purpose.

His research at the MAD Lab and within the academy explores bio-sustainable materials, building performance, and student housing markets. His current teaching and research is focused on Mass Timber and Tall Wood Buildings. In 2017, Jake received the Mississippi State University Faculty Research Award, representing the College of Architecture, Art and Design, for his work in materials and Mass Timber research. He is a passionate advocate for building with wood and regularly presents his creative work and research throughout the country. Jake’s Mass Timber architecture studios have received national recognition for innovation and design excellence.

Jake is married to a beautiful woman and has three amazing children. Outside of professional practice and teaching, Jake’s family life is filled with sports, drama (of the theatrical kind), concerts, and the outdoors.