Jaeyoung Byun

Jae was born in Seoul, South Korea and soon afterward moved to New York City. He grew up in Queens, NYC which Jae treasures as it allowed him to grow and interact with a variety of people from many different backgrounds. His childhood was spent playing basketball in the nearby parks, hanging out with friends at the local bakery and coffee shops, and learning about many cultures of the world.

Jae graduated from the The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at The Cooper Union in New York in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Architecture. Through studying architecture Jae was able to learn a lot about himself and the love he has for architecture. He moved to Utah in the summer of 2014 in hopes to explore different parts of the country. He jokes that he moved to Utah to become more American.

Jae believes that architecture demands personal agency, and that it has the ability to be more useful than simply inhabiting. To him, architecture is an art; a poetic structure that has the power to move people emotionally and spiritually. Jae also loves the problem solving aspect involved with architecture, such as programming a space to circulate people, air, and light efficiently; figuring out how to join multiple materials seamlessly; and satisfying a clients needs under difficult constraints.

Jae loves to spend time outside of work writing, researching, and sketching. He enjoys his time participating in juries at the School of Architecture at the University of Utah. Jae also loves meeting new people, trying out new restaurants, exploring art galleries, and hiking.