Kelton Berrett

Kelton grew up in Franklin, Idaho with legos constantly in his hands. He attributes this to his love for architecture, much like Frank Lloyd Wright who was also influenced by his childhood blocks. Kelton’s interest in art, creation, and craft converged while he studied architecture at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. “Architecture has allowed me to participate with specific responses in the larger dialogue that surround the forces of economic and social justice, environmental concerns, and our reckoning of cultural identity in an increasingly fractured, flattened, and global age”, he says. This grasp that Kelton has on his view of architecture makes him a tremendous addition to Method Studio, and we see great work in his professional future.

Kelton sees himself as a life-long learner and has found that this profession is a perfect fit in order to continue to learn daily. He has also been able to find fulfillment in practicing architecture because he is able to work towards goals that are larger than himself. Ultimately he wants to be known as a great designer.

Kelton spends his free time reading, hiking, and exercising daily. He surrounds himself with friends and family and loves to travel and explore the urban condition whenever possible. He also enjoys engaging in issues of social justice, service, and overall citizenship.