Kim Candelario

Energetic and Hardworking may best describe Kim.

Energetic – Kim enjoys going to work every day at Method Studio.  Kim is an early riser and a late bloomer.  Kim is usually first to arrive in the office, this is where he can get a lot accomplished with no distractions.  Kim is not afraid to stay late when needed to assist in getting a project completed.  Outside of the office Kim also likes to stay busy whether it is gardening or working with his son’s baseball skills.

Hardworking – Kim believes that with hard work, reward follows.  This is one trait he instills in himself and in his family.  Kim challenges himself.  Someone told him once, when given a task, do it as if you were doing it for your own mother.  With that in mind, his work ethic and willingness to get the job done, is key to his success from the simplest task to tasks that involve problem solving and seeking solutions.

Kim and Valarie have been married for over 21 years.  They have raised 3 kids, Desiree, Dallas and Austin.  Austin is their last child in high school and he has 3 years to go. Kim and his family enjoy watching their boys play baseball for their respective High School.  Kim and his family also love when they have family get together because the food is always good. Camping, fishing and the outdoors is another favorite pastime.  Kim and his wife Valarie also like to take a motorcycle ride whenever they can.