Liz Yonashiro

Growing up in the Alaskan wilderness gave Liz a great love for adventure and the outdoors.  Born on a US Naval base in Okinawa, Japan, her family moved between Hawaii, Seattle, Alaska, Colorado, then back to the islands of Hawaii.  Liz found architecture and design as a profession which blends all aspects of life, cultures and technologies together with opportunity to explore, be inspired, and creatively shape our environments.

She received her BArch and MArch from the University of Utah, spending  a semester with DesignBuild BLUFF in Bluff, Utah, building a home on the Navajo Reservation.  Liz is interested in modern and historical design, fabrication, passive strategies, new technologies, and pursuing beautiful and functional design in all its forms.

Liz loves building projects and seeking adventure with her husband Ryan, and dogs Milo and Inali: their 140lb Anatolian Dane and crazy little Aussie,  jumping at any chance to get out onto the trails, canyons, or mountains.