Matt Wallace

Craft – in all things – is what spurs Matt’s interest in design.  He finds inspiration in the stories of people who are the best at what they do from designers, to thinkers, to musicians, to writers.  The spark of imagination that creates great architecture can be found in every story.  He believes that the quality of a design is rooted in the quality of the relationships developed during the design process, and must be evident in everything from sketches to details.

Matt was raised in a military family, moving every three years, and immersed in cultures from all over the US and abroad.  Born in the UK to parents from West Texas and New Jersey, he places a high value on diverse perspectives.  As time and opportunity allow, travel to places old and new is still very important.  No matter the season (Garden season, Football season, or Ski season) most of Matt’s free-time is spent outdoors with his family and friends.

Matt finished his graduate degree in architecture at the University of Utah in 2005 and finds his way back for discussions with students and faculty from time to time.  For the last 10 years, he has worked ion historic preservation, renovations, and new construction projects both large and small.  These experiences along with travel, and a healthy dose of humor form Matt’s design approach.  He believes that architecture is about people and space, and that the elements of construction, while critical, are secondary to solving human issues.  A project well done is not represented just by quality in the product, but also in the relationships the design team has with the owner, builder, and colleagues at the end of the process.