Milad Sefiddashti

Milad was born and raised in Tehran, Iran where he attended the University of Art in Tehran, Iran and received a Bachelor degree of Architecture in 2010. He continued his education in the United states and received a Master of Architecture degree form the University of Utah in 2014.

Ever since he was a child, it was a question for Milad to know why various places created an inspiring ambience, and how he could create a similar feeling sprouting from his own personal ideas. Life in Iran provided a chance for Milad to visit numerous architectural heritages. He encountered multiple stylistic concepts behind the creation of these buildings, and also he had the desire to understand what causes the variation of design. “Architecture” was the answer to his question which resulted in his enthusiastic field of study in university, with the ultimate goal of being able to experience the joy and pleasure of creation.

Academic study gave Milad a deeper comprehension of architecture. “I found that architecture is something beyond my expectations. It is comprised of various aspects that suit my desires and interests.  One of which is the tremendous impact of technological achievements on architecture, and I realized that architecture besides being an art and skill, is also an aspect of technology and a combination of creativity and imagination”, he says. Consequently, over his professional practice Milad has the desire to find the best way to combine architecture and technology with other determinants such as culture, and climate. As an architect he feels responsible for the society that he lives in and therefore is aware of his personal need to understand the ultimate effects that architecture has on people and nature, both now and in the years to come.

Milad loves playing sports particularly tennis, and soccer. He also enjoys hiking in the mountains.