Mehrdad Samie, AIA

Samie grew up in Tehran, Iran. After graduating from high school he moved to the U.S. and received a bachelors degree in Graphic design from Weber State University. Soon after he attended the University of Utah where he received a Masters degree in Architecture.

While Samie was in high school he had a friend a few years older who attended the School of Architecture at the University of Tehran in Iran. One day Samie was asked to help build a model of “Falling Water” for a school project. That was what started the love of architecture for Samie.

Samie is fulfilled by surrounding himself with creative people working toward a creative goal, that is why he loves to come into Method Studio everyday in such a creative environment. Samie enjoys pursuing his interests of: photography, graphic design, furniture design, mountain biking, snow boarding, crossfit, yoga, traveling, cooking, and creating business concepts including coming up with names/logos and actually buying domain names for them.

Samie has two children, and is soon to be married to his close friend of 12 years Amy Lukas.

Architecture is centered on nature, materials, and objects: “Concepts of simplicity transmit the ideas of freedom and essence of living. Simplicity is not only aesthetic value, it has a moral perception that looks into the nature of truth and reveals the inner qualities of materials and objects for the essence.”