Terrell Bodily

If you were to ask Terrell what is favorite thing about architecture is, his answer would be “…ALL of it. Not one aspect alone, but the entire PROCESS” Terrell has known that he wanted to be an architect since he was five. Whether it was drafting classes in high school, working as a carpenter as he started college, going to Bluff, Utah for a semester when he was in architecture school to design and build a home on the Navajo Indian Reservation, or simply designing and remodeling his own home, architecture and design has been in integral part of every aspect of Terrell’s life (he even married an architect!)

Professionally, Terrell has a diverse portfolio of work, ranging from custom restaurants, bars, hospitality spaces, homes, and a monastery to multi-million dollar resort condominiums, public education projects, and athletic facilities.

Terrell was born in Manhattan, Kansas, but was raised in Holladay, Utah (GO TITANS!!!). He loves being outdoors with his wife, two little daughters, and two little dogs. Some of his favorite activities include fishing, hunting (or as his daughter calls it elking), hiking, and just being outside. When he’s in the city, he’s content to be home, working on his house and in his perfect 12″ x 12″ gridded garden.