Van Lewis

Van has been an artist ever since he was a kid. He spent his time making shapely piles of blocks, writing stories, building elaborate tree houses, cooking “interesting meals”, inventing geometry proofs, planting and cultivating gardens, and building furniture; the medium has never mattered much like all artists.

During college Van took an architecture class and was hooked. He loved architecture so much he ended up with essentially two (and a half) degrees in architecture; one from the University of Arizona, the other from MIT. Professionally Van ran his own design-build company, worked with a few firms, and then spent 11 years designing and building parts of houses on his own.

In order to keep his artistic love alive he also is part owner of an organic farm in Southern Utah, and a wood-fabrication shop in Salt Lake City. Not to mention publishing some art criticism and short stories, mostly under a pseudonym just to be mysterious and to avoid embarrassment to his kids.

Van has 3 daughters; the youngest currently in high school, and the two oldest in college.