ObservePoint Corporate Offices

The client had 6 weeks to design, construct and move in to their new space. The established budget was limited and design expectations high.  Through a series of brainstorming sessions with the client about their brand, what makes them tick and what they envisioned in their new space, key objectives were developed.

1. Express and enhance their brand throughout the space
2. Meet an extremely limited timeframe for design and CD’s – 3 weeks

3. Leave the layout for offices and open areasin tact

4. Meet a limited budget

5. Work collaboratively with the selected contractor in order to maximize design and time

Brand expression was key so utilizing their branded colors of yellow, gray and white, we worked to articulate not only branded colors and logo, but their vibe into their physical space. An open glass, entry allowed views to the custom designed reception desk of glass, stone and molded plywood. The back glass reception and conference wall was covered in the firm’s logo reinforcing brand while providing privacy. The main entry wall that transports back into the space was painted in their branded yellow and covered in graphics that hint at their web analytics. Carpet edgeat our branded wall incorporated a “bleeding” yellow edge giving energy and intrigue where the wall meets the floor. This bold mass set the stage for a clean, white and gray backdrop. Graphics were also used to embrace existing columns in the space and further express firm personality. Pegboard wall was installed in the lounge space with the firm logo handmade by the designers out of golf tees. Paint was used to further convey design intent with varying widths and colors of stripes applied subtly on the back wall of each office. Colored carpet insets in bull pen areas established touch down spaces reinforced by clouds and lighting above. To minimize budget issues, mechanical infrastructure, ceiling grid and tiles, lighting, doors, sidelights and window frames were re-used. The client has commented on several occasions, that while they spent more money and time on their last space, in the short time they have occupied this new space, they have received multiple compliments on the high level design and noted it as “outstanding” compared to their old space .

ObservePoint Corporate Offices
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