Vista Outdoor

The 33,000 square foot Corporate Headquarters represents the culmination of collaboration between owner, architect/designer, general contractor, landlord, furniture dealer, and a myriad of sub-contractors and consultants that worked tirelessly to deliver a successful project that embodied the culture and brand of Vista Outdoor. Thoughtful selection of materials and design elements were incorporated into the exterior and interior with the goal of communicating to employees and visitors alike just who this company is and what they stand for. The design team wanted an immediate connection for visitors that this is a company dedicated to “bringing the world outside”.

Care was given to incorporating sustainable aspects into the project. Vista Outdoor felt compelled to relay the message that they care about the outdoors and people’s ability to access it. Some key aspects of the building that relate to sustainability:

  • LED Lighting for decreased energy use
  • State of the art VRF heating & cooling system
  • High performance glazing for decreased load on building systems
  • Daylight & views for all inhabitants
  • Bottle filling water fountains
  • Locally sourced vendors and craftsman
  • Locally sourced materials where possible
  • Materials with recycled content
  • Showers and secured bike storage for encouraging people to “bike to work”
  • Living Wall to increase wellbeing and clean air for inhabitants
  • Careful site selection with direct access to mass transit in a walkable community with amenities
Vista Outdoor
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