Book Cliffs Lodge Housing

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City has selected Method Studio to design a new mixed use, 36-unit, mixed income
apartment property located downtown SLC, Utah. The project is rather special, as it serves the Urban Native American
community—applying a sensitive approach to the design of holistic, permanent supportive housing for this demographic. Book Cliffs is located near the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake and within walking distance of mass transit. Based on the Native American concept of balance among the four directions, the design offers a creative approach and foundation for successful independent living. It will feature community gathering (cultural and spiritual) and clinic spaces (for health care and counseling services) to support physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Book Cliffs will be entered from the East and is designed in response to Native American cultural norms for spiritual and healing traditions. The 4-story building consists primarily of one and two-bedroom units. It is designed to Energy Star and LEED Silver standards. The project also includes a parking garage with 32 spaces and surface parking for 30.

Book Cliffs Lodge Housing
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