Bud Bailey Apartments

Together with the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake, Method Studio and Zwick Construction created an affordable mixed income development for both individuals and families.  This project provides 136 total units of housing on 4.5 acres and successfully integrates culturally diverse group of people with widely disparate backgrounds and experiences.  With thoughtful accommodation, this mixed income and market rate housing project welcomes all: market rate buyers, immigrant families, children aging out of foster care, and formerly homeless families and individuals. What was once a vacant lot in an industrial area in Salt Lake County is now an enhanced and energized development on the TRAX line.  The new residents can be proud of the fresh architectural palette in their newly developed neighborhood.

This project was envisioned to be the crown jewel of several HACSL housing projects in the Salt Lake valley. This goal demanded that the architecture be unique, fresh, modern, and distinctive from nearby developments, many of which the HACSL would be competing for tenants. Method Studio designed living spaces with large amounts of light with larger windows and higher ceilings; new owners happily reported that the units feel more like condominiums and less like apartment living.

Sustainable design strategies touched on everything from construction materials to daylighting and views; the development successfully certified under the Enterprise Green Communities program.  Even strategies to passively eliminate radon gas infiltration into the living units were employed. Underscoring HACSL’s commitment to the residents’ healthy living and the finished units’ energy efficient operation, the project was EnergyStar rated as well.

The building facades have been designed as a modern interpretation of the industrial area in which the project is located in tandem with improving resident safety.  All exposed steel and stairwells are galvanized steel so that the maintenance of the property is minimized while aesthetically tying the buildings into their neighborhood context. 6” aluminum, knife-plate “shrouds” highlight the shadow lines at each living room window, drawing the eye to the corner-wrapping glazing which then provides an asymmetric quality to each building.

To assist new residents, visitors, and non-native English speakers with wayfinding, each building is designated with a unique, bright accent color within the exterior gray/white palette of the project.  The accent colors continue on the interior hallway niches and in each unit’s kitchen, thus tying the exterior and interior together. This provides a whimsical yet utilitarian means for guiding occupants to their destination and creates a cohesive aesthetic for the project as a whole.

“Urban Project of the Year” Award, Utah Housing Coalition 2013

Bud Bailey Apartments
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