Snow College Student Housing Schematic Design

Method Studio was retained to provide Schematic Design as part of a design/build competition for this 380 bed, $13,500,000 facility in Ephraim, Utah.

To capture and convey the Mission of the College as identified in the master plan and program document, the proposed building is specifically sited at the corner of College Avenue and 100 East.   This prominent location creates the “Gateway” to campus by anchoring the main entry to campus.  The strong corner architectural element creates an iconic beacon that strengthens the student life component on campus.

The proposed design provides opportunities for social connections and academic engagement. Places where students can not only live, but also study, socialize,  learn, and grow.  The design also creates a modern, inviting environment while respecting the wonderful character of the Noyes building across the street.  As you shared with us during planning and design Snow College envisions a more unique design that builds upon the spirit of Snow while appealing to students as a beacon of student life.

Snow College Student Housing Schematic Design
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