The Cedars Student Housing

Method Studio was retained to master plan, program and design a $28.5-million micro unit, mixed-use and student housing project in Rexburg, Idaho. The project is a 53-micro unit and 78 student unit housing development. The project includes a 4-story parking structure, 3,500 SF fitness facility, restaurants, lounges, pool, volleyball courts, decks, balconies and fire pits.

The design was developed as a nod to the roots of it’s agricultural heritage while looking to the future with a more modern aesthetic. The development encompasses an entire city block so breaking up the mass into a more “village” like structure was a key goal. For the micro units, multifunctional furniture was used such as murphy beds and dining tables that when not used are art pieces on the wall but transform into a functional dinette when needed. Sliding doors and/or acoustically sensitive curtains were used to divide space for privacy but open up to enlarge the feel of the space when a more open use is desired. Guest or child beds are moveable or transformable to desks or sofas, pending the functional need on any given day. A European mountain asethetic was desired to help provide a clean, fresh and open interior environment. The building materials were carefully selected and building engineered to withstand the extreme Rexburg winters and climate.

ENR 2018 Best Projects: Residential/Hospitality

The Cedars Student Housing
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