Utah State University Eastern San Juan Campus New Residence Hall

Blanding, Utah is a rare and remote place in the southeast portion of the state.  This uniqueness is reflected in its heritage, its beauty, its community.  As such, Utah State University San Juan Campus provides a unique service to a diverse, distinct population group with a strong Navajo and female student base serving the southeast portion of the state as well as other remote areas in the Four Corner region.  The building was specifically designed to cater to the needs of its users, creating its own unique identity while respecting campus standards.   The new 75-bed, 20,000 s.f. residence hall is a place of inspiration, learning and living excellence that understands its unique students and honors its roots.  It focuses specifically on creating an environment that is pleasing and welcoming its student base.  Phase 2 of the building includes a gymnasium, multi-purpose facility which will serve students and surrounding community providing a gathering and recreation space for all.

The floorplan was developed to provide and promote social interaction both within the suites and in common areas throughout the building. Sited adjacent to the aging existing residence hall and student center, the building needed to provide some complement to the existing structures while looking to the future.  Metal panel in varying colors and modules was used along with CMU in both split-faced and honed finishes.  A cool gray tone metal panel was complemented by a terra cotta metal panel at the entry.  CMU harvested various colors of the surrounding landscape while providing a contrast from the red dirt and cool tone metal panels.

Custom designed interior railings were designed with a somewhat “raw” approach with natural plywood and stained walnut blending the natural context of its environs while providing a more modern attitude.  Bold colors were utilized to bring interest while speaking to the unique culture of its students.  Abstract, fresh floor patterns added an element of interest and freshness while aiding in wayfinding throughout.  The fireplace was designed with simple 4 x 8 plywood panels as a further expression of the more visceral approach to the overall design. Sustainable design strategies touched on everything from construction materials to daylighting and views.

IIDA BEST Award for the MULTI-FAMILY category, 2014

Utah State University Eastern San Juan Campus New Residence Hall
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