bluelemon Restaurant & Bistro

Sandy, Utah
Ogden, Utah
On the boards: Farmington, Utah

The design philosophy for the multiple locations emulates the essence of the chains tagline, “pure clean food with a twist”. The owners work diligently to procure local, organic ingredients. To compliment this strategy, the design team opted for an “integrity of materials” approach. FSC certified, rapidly renewable wood was specified, along with low VOC paints, and LED lighting. A simple grinding for the existing concrete slab floor was used to capture the minimalist nature of the brand. It is important that the chain have a local story, so the all of the woodwork and custom furniture, including the Butcher block tables, were fabricated by a local mill.

Each of the projects are always a fun design collaboration between method studio and the creative husband and wife team behind the brand.

bluelemon Restaurant & Bistro
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