Utah Valley University NUVI Basketball Facility

This Basketball facility began as a gleam in the athletic program director’s eye. Utah Valley University retained Method Studio to develop a feasibility study and concept design for a proposed Men’s and Women’s Basketball Practice Facility. Multiple options (with various program component options) on two different campus sites—the first on the new/developing campus in Lehi, and second on the Main campus, adjacent to the UCCU Event Center were analyzed and studied prior to the actual design and construction.

The Program featured a full basketball practice court, along with four additional partial courts, and a strength and conditioning center. Additional program elements that were studied included training spaces, team lounges, locker facilities, and coaches’ offices.

Once the UCCU Event Center site on main campus was selected (leveraging existing student-athlete and basketball support facilities and taking advantage of available site utilities), Method Studio worked closely with UVU Athletics and Facilities to right-size the project to a conceptual construction budget. Our team incorporated a preliminary cost estimate to test the design solution and generate value-based design modifications. The conceptual design images and preliminary floor/site plans were used to secure support and funding (as well as generating excitement among the student body for the project). UVU is growing overall, but also expanding its athletics programs. The NUVI Basketball Facility has quickly become a beacon on campus and includes branding elements characteristic of the UVU that inform the design of the facility through lines, mass, and finishes.

Utah Valley University NUVI Basketball Facility
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