Jordanelle Ridge Amphitheater

jordanelle ridge amphitheater

The Jordanelle Ridge Amphitheater, situated between a public park and a performing arts center, serves as the inaugural phase of a planned art district. Tailored to host a variety of events, from expansive 3000-capacity concerts to more intimate community gatherings like cowboy poetry, festivals, and student performances, the amphitheater is a versatile space. Its infrastructure includes essential support spaces such as dressing rooms, a green room, storage facilities, and restrooms, ensuring it can cater to diverse event needs.

As the first phase of the future art district, the Jordanelle Ridge Amphitheater contributes not only as an entertainment venue but also as a cultural hub, fostering a sense of community through diverse artistic and social activities. The thoughtful design, incorporating both functionality and aesthetics, ensures that the amphitheater seamlessly integrates into the surrounding landscape and serves as a focal point for the envisioned arts district.

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