Mountain America


The 11-story, 327,000 sf corporate headquarters is home to an organization whose primary goal in business is to support its members. The facility needed to let current employees know they’re cherished, and future recruits want to work there. Careful attention was paid to capturing the essence of what makes this group unique by understanding who they are and how they work. MACU’s logo plays into many of the interior elements through the use of angles, that always originate from left to right in an upward direction to simulate financial growth. Playful graphic elements were added to the facility to relay aspirational messages. An accordion wall on the training room floor tells end users to keep striving while walking down one direction of the hall and displays outdoor scenery the other. In lieu of using color for wayfinding on the agile designed floors, various metals are used instead to designate levels. A singular copper, steel, platinum, rose-gold, aluminum, gold, etc. are incorporated into the floor numbers, hardware, and decorative lighting on each level to differentiate. The concept ties back to the “coining of money”.

The building was certified USGBC LEED Silver. The facility also incorporates a full-service café that is open to the public and serves healthy options. The company provides onsite nutritionists, trainers, general health practitioners, and mental health professionals to ensure employees feel supported. MACU feels strongly that supporting local business is a priority. The exterior glass was fabricated by Viracon’s St. George plant, and local mills were used to fabricate and install the plethora of wood work used throughout.

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