The combined Training / Call center project provided a unique collective approach between two design firms for a discerning client that develops real estate across the nation. The design, heavily hospitality focused, needed to create a space employees would want to inhabit. Incorporating the East Coasts main Headquarters’ standards for brand unification, while simultaneously integrating a sense of local through a play on “Mountain Tech” as a vibe was the agreed design assignment.

Filled with amenities including coffee shop worthy drinks, flavored waters, soda on tap, wellness rooms, gold- and silver-plated foosball tables, access to outdoor balconies off work areas, and an expansive outdoor patio on the ground level, the space offers what virtual working cannot. Balance the amenities with a dialed-in selection of collaborative and individual heads down focus spaces with state-of-the-art technology and inclusive design, all set against a backdrop of luxurious materials – who wouldn’t want to come in to work here?

square footage


construction cost

$155 per sf


interior architecture,
interior design,
branding + wayfinding,