The Front Climbing

the front climbing gym

Located in a historic building in downtown Ogden, Utah, the building housing The Front was built in 1915 and occupied by the American Can Company until 1979. After the plant was  closed, the building and site sat abandoned and neglected for over 30 years. This facility was upgraded to a 17,000 square foot world-class indoor climbing and fitness facility within the existing glass and steel structure. Site and building upgrades were made to the project to integrate the building as one part of a multi-building redevelopment project that also includes a charter school and headquarters of Amer Sports – the parent company for Atomic, Wilson, Salomon, Precor, and Arcteryx.

The Climbing and Fitness facility was designed to optimize the most of natural light in the glass and steel structure while incorporating sustainable strategies. The gym is part of the 100% green program by offsetting its total power consumption with wind and solar power. The building is also equipped with low and no flush fixtures to minimize on water consumption. Re-use of materials such as reclaimed lumber for handrails and stair treads were integrated into the project reflecting its historic nature.

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2011 – IIDA best “play” award, AIA Merit award

2011 – AIA honor award