USU Golf Practice Facility


Utah State’s proposed golf practice facility will integrate into the southwest corner of the country club course just east of campus.  The course will be reconfigured to allow for a new driving range located on the site. The practice facility consists of two levels with 4 bays each for the student-athletes to train during off-season and poor weather days.  The facility has garage doors that open up for the athletes to practice hitting golf balls into the driving range in the comfort of a climate-controlled environment.  Each hitting station is equipped with technology to record and analyze the athlete’s swing and ball impact for the coach and student-athlete to analyze and evaluate.  Each bay has a large monitor to replay the recordings of the athlete’s practices and to analyze the data gathered. 

The facility will also have a simulator in the end bay of the upper level to allow for the golfers to continue practicing even when there is snow on the ground indoor/outdoor putting green. 

USU requested a facility that required a minimal footprint and had a limited visual impact on the current landscape while tying back to the architecture of the existing clubhouse.

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