USU Science and Technical Building

UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY Tooele Science + technology building

The 33,000 SF Science & Technology building provides much needed space to accommodate the current and anticipated growth in enrollment and programs at the USU Tooele Campus.

The majority of the building consists of instructional classrooms with state-of-the-art distance learning capabilities to accommodate the broader student base. The facility also houses new teaching and research labs for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Networking and Engineering Design. Additional spaces also include IV Origination Classrooms, an auditorium, study and lounge space for students, and administrative offices for faculty and staff needed to implement these programs.

Utah State University, the Tooele Technical College, the Tooele County School District, and other Tooele community members envisioned the USU Tooele Campus as the Tooele Educational Corridor, which will serve the educational, training, and cultural enrichment needs of the entire Tooele County community. Utah State University Tooele’s programs and capacities are being supplemented by shared space in two adjacent facilities: the Tooele County School District’s Community Learning Center, completed in 2010, and the new Tooele Technical College completed in 2015.

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2015 – UC+D – most outstanding concrete/structures