The Front

Located in a historic building built in 1915, The Front is 10,000 s.f. world-class  climbing facility inserted into a historic redevelopment project.  The Climbing and Fitness facility was designed to optimize the most of natural light in the glass and steel structure.  The undulating climbing walls in the rigid steel truss structure create a sculptural presence in the space and offer bouldering, lead, and top-rope walls.A new mezzanine with private yoga and Pilates studios are naturally lit by a continual skylight located on the roof, thus minimizing the use of electrical lights during the day.

The climbing walls are designed to be seen through the glazing as people pass through the city at night, making the space interactive with the surrounding community.  Excavation of a pit was used to increase the height of the lead climbing walls to 40 foot walls without changing the exterior of the historic building.

The gym is part of the 100% green program by offsetting its total power consumption with wind and solar power.  The building is also equipped with low and no flush fixtures to minimize on water consumption.  Re-use of materials such as reclaimed lumber for handrails and stair treads were integrated into the project.

The Front
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